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Two Little Plines

Premie Preflat | Doggy Easter

Premie Preflat | Doggy Easter

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Fabric Contents:

Printed/Outside Fabric: Bamboo/Cotton Stretch French Terry 300 GSM (67% Bamboo,28% Cotton 5% Spandex) 

Solid/ Inside Fabric: Bamboo Stretch French Terry 300 GSM (67% Bamboo Rayon, 28% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex)

Booster: 3 Layers Bamboo Stretch French Terry 300 GSM (67% Bamboo Rayon, 28% Organic Cotton; 5% Spandex)

Preflat Information:

Winged double layer preflats make cloth diapering a breeze. Six buttery soft layers when folded in make a beautifully trim and thirsty diaper. The four way stretchy preflat hugs your little one’s body for full coverage and absorbency. Works great with all types of waterproof diaper covers.

Outer material will always be the color/pattern; Inner material will always be a solid color, generally white, natural, or black.


Toddler 25-60lbs; One Size 10-35lbs; Newborn 6-20lbs; Premie 4-12lbs

*Each preflat comes with a 3 layer booster. You have the option to have this booster sewn or separate for personal customization.

Wipes; approximately 7X7" Double Layer Bamboo FT


Newborn (2 layers) and One Size (3 Layers)

Materials are pre-washed but some shrinkage may occur. Wash 4-6 times to fully prep.

Simply trifold, adjust rise to babies size, and close with a pin or closure item of choice. Cover with waterproof cover; Ex: PUL, Fleece, or Wool.


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