Nashglo Skincare | French Diapering Creme | 8oz Glass Bottle

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Have you heard of NashGlo Skincare Products?!

Description from their website:

Instead of using baby wipes that only cleanse, this Creme cleanses, moisturizes, AND protects!

For cloth diapering mama’s, this will work great with any of your cloth diapers or wipes! For mama’s who don’t cloth diaper, use it as you would use any diaper rash cream.


- use the diaper to wipe poop from baby’s bum

- take a cloth wipe and dip it in the the French Diapering Creme

- wipe any remaining poop/pee from baby’s bum (get new wipes or more Creme as necessary)

- when baby is all clean, simply put on a new diaper!

- be sure to leave any remaining Creme on baby’s bum. This will prevent diaper rash and soothe any irritated skin

- no additional water or rinsing is necessary. No need to use wipe bits or water on your cloth wipes.

How it works:

Olive Oil: naturally moisturizing, soothes irritated skin

Limewater: cleanses skin, has basic PH properties that neutralize the acidity of the poop and pee

Beeswax: provides a protective barrier to prevent diaper rash

Ingredients: water, olive oil, cetearyl alcohol (and) polysorbate 60, beeswax, calcium hydroxide (limewater)