Cloth Acronyms

A guide set up specifically geared towards cloth diapering and other commonly related topics and terminology.


AIO - All in One (Diaper System)

AI2 - All in Two (Diaper System)

AWJ - Athletic Wicking Jersey, commonly used on protective liners and pocket diapers

BST - Buy, Sell, Trade

CBI - Charcoal Bamboo Insert (Glorified Microfiber cover with a charcoal colored fleece)

CD - Cloth Diaper

Chicken Factor - Seller may refuse to sell, very hesitant if they truly want to sell unless offered the right price

DISO - Desperately in search of (BST term)

DOND - Deal or No Deal (BST term)

EBF - Exclusively Breast Fed

EO - Essential Oil

EUC - Excellent Used Condition (BST term)

EEUC - Extra Excellent Used Condition (BST term)

FSO - For Sale Only (BST term)

FST - Flour Sack Towel (CD Absorbency)

FSOT - For Sale or Trade (BST term)

FTM - First Time Mom

FTO - For Trade Only (BST term)

GUC - Good Used Condition (BST term)

HTF - Hard to Find (Rare, very limited amounts produced)

ISO - In search of

MF - Microfiber

MTO - Made to Order

NB - Newborn

NCDR - Not Cloth Diaper Related (Used for off-topic discussions)

NIP - New in Package

NOOP - New Out of Package

NWT - New with Tags

OS - One Size

OTB - On the Bum/Butt

PO - Preorder

PPD - Postage Paid Domestic (Shipping included for USA)

PUL/TPU - polyurithane laminate, thermoplsatic polyurithane (lamination of the diaper that makes it water resistant)

RLR - Laundry treatment

RTS - Ready to Ship

Sposies - short term of disposable diapers

VGUC - Very Good Used Condition (VGUC)

WAHM - Work at Home Mom OR Work at Home Maker (More commonly used to refer to handmade diaper/clothing makers such as TLP)